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    Default Media Activism : Unfortunate Need Of Indian Society

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    Leading Lawyer Ram Jethmalani had slammed media for holding public trial in case of jessica lal. He argued that it is not business of media to rally around one of parties of the case and tilt public opinion.

    Well he is right that it is not job of media to rally around people. Media's job is not running campaigns but reporting. It is job of police to make an unbiased investigation on complains and collect evidence. It is job of lawyers to argue cases for their clients and it is job of judge to reach to decision on basis of evidence/witnesses produced before the court.

    So far so good but what we are talking in above paragraph is theoretical and ideal way of how things should happen. But do things happen in the way they should?. Media activism is unfortunately needed in Indian society. Needed because system is corrupted , needed because rich and famous can influence witness , police force using their money power , muscle power and political influence.

    Leading Indian news agency , cnn-ibn has started campaign called-'Justice for bhopal victims'. Now consider bhopal gas tragedy, the biggest industrial disaster. Officially 4000 people got killed on fatal nights of 2nd and 3rd December 1984.

    Unofficial figures are between 15,000 to 25,000. The journalist who was warning government and people , two years before the

    tragedy told in recent interview that government inspection of union carbide plant had reported that such disaster can occured due to substandard safety measures. He wrote in news papers , he warned and kept on warning but nothing was done. Disaster occured.Union Carbide (USA) says it was not part of day to day operation and so can't be held responsible for Union Carbide

    India's lapse in security , now this journalist has documents which proves that union carbide usa , was in touch with union carbide ,India and was kept in the loop.

    After disaster anderson came to India and was arrested on non bailable warrant. He was not only released the same day but allowed to leave country that too he was boarded on state plane and brought to delhi!!!!!!!!

    India government demanded compensation but later settled for 15% of what it had demanded at first place. Supreme court bench under then chief justice ahmadi diluted the charges against accused in bhopal gas disaster . CBI wanted imprisonment of 10 years but diluting the charges meant maximum imprisonment can be of two years only.The same justice ahmadi , after retirement became Lifetime Chairman of the Bhopal Hospital Trust, set up by Union Carbide India Limited.

    Yesterday another report about selling of land which was toxicate by union carbide was sold by madhya pradesh government in 2005. Their residential building has been planned which might be dangerous of dwellers.

    It took 25 long years for verdict to come and when it came , it was too little and too late. 25 years saw various governments in center . It saw rajiv gandhi , chandershekar, v p singh , gujral , narishma rao , deve gowda , atal bihar vajpayee , dr manmohan singh in the center while madhya pradesh saw bjp ruling the state after congress.
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