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    Default The Man Who Killed His Wife

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    Once there was a man in who used to beat his wife for small mistakes. One day for a pretty mistake he bet her so much that she succumbed to his beatings, even though he had not intended to kill her.
    But when she was dead he became fearful of her relatives. In a state of anxiety he came out of his house and met an acquaintance to whom he posed his problem.
    The friend told him to invite a young man to his house and behead him and put the severed head next to the wife’s corpse. Then he would tell the wife’s relatives that he had found them together in bed and was unable to control his anger. And slew them both.
    The man liked the idea and sat at the doorway in anticipation of a young man.
    After sometime a handsome youth passed by his house. He invited him inside and beheaded him.
    Then he summoned the wife’s relatives and told them the fictitious story and convinced them.
    But the person who had devised this plan had a teenage son who did not reach home that day. The man was worried and when the son failed to turn up, he came to the house of the one whom he had offered evil advice and asked him if he carried out the plan suggested by him. Yes, said the man and took him near the dead bodies. He was shocked when he saw that the youth he had killed was his own son.
    His evil advice caused the death of his own son!!

    Moral: The one who digs a pit for others falls into it himself.

    ...being a human...



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