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    We have sale for almost every thing, clothes, goods, furniture, so why should kids be left behind. I am not saying this, but the statement has been proved right by impoverished parents who fail to put up their children in the best possible manner, and hence sell them for few bucks.

    Various deprived villages in Karnataka are witnessing such sales on a regular level. Innocent kids are just sold for few thousands rupees, whyÖ only because these kids are not fortunate enough to get rich parents. Where is the society heading?

    The irony is that some of these parents are just born out of their motherís womb and handed over to a strangerís lap, for mere Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 8,000. Those who are toddlers or little above three to four years are sold for a high price. And as expected, there was no legal procedure followed as far as the adoption is concerned. Surely, news pieces of these kinds acquaint us with other such problems faced by the Indian society, with poverty being one of those demons.

    As far as the biological parents are concerned, there conditions are suspected to be so poor that they cannot even take care of each other, including their basic daily needs, forget about their children. The question which arises here is that at one go when these parents donít have enough money to raise kids, why the hell they take the pain of giving birth to them and ruin their future forever?

    It is not the first time that incident of these kinds have come into notice. No matter how much the country is said to have risen, there are always certain sections of the society which bear the wrath of certain demons like poverty, backwardness and other such social evils.

    Tumkur, a village which is located in the southern part of Karnataka, has been a victim of sheer poverty since ages. Aspects of unemployment are so common here that several cases of selling children have been noticed here since ages.

    Six cases have been reported in the last week, and the irony again is that all of them are boys, another aspect which has risen from this news that in India, there are still so many sections of society who take the birth of a boy as an auspicious situation. Cases have been registered against all the six families. Some of the instances are so heart warming that one is bound to think as to what lies ahead in future for these poor kids. A woman lost her husband who committed suicide and she was bound to sell her kid.

    God has created an extreme imbalance in the society! What to do! Such is the scenario!
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