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    Default Happiness ... Where is it?

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    Has anyone ever asked, or even if you asked, "I have everything a person needs to be happy, I am healthy, work, someone I love and who love me too, healthy children, home, car, money, and finally everything you always wanted! So why do I get the feeling that something is missing! because I am not happy? "

    Well I myself have wondered if I have everything to be a happy person because I have this feeling of failure? And that was when I started thinking about happiness! Where is this the long sought happiness? I'm happy? Can I be happier?

    There are people who spend their entire lives wishing for things, making plans to one day be completely happy. They often work with than like the engineer who wanted to be a writer, a doctor who wanted to be a singer, a housewife who wanted to be independent, the administrator who wanted to be a dentist and so follows. They do as they are more convenient and gives them more profit, that is the purpose, always have more, more money will bring more power, more beauty, more status, more love, and ultimately happiness! Really?

    Living for the sake of work, are slaves to time and society has no time for nothing, act according to what is expected of them and not want to act, go through life without really living.

    When kids want to be somebody (as if they were not), make plans, have a husband, kids, house, cars, and when they think there is the meaning of life, however, still bear the sorrow deep in my soul without even even know it's there, does not have the courage to ask, I'm happy? I'm happy? And when you ask answer, of course I am! I have everything to be because it would not be? But deep down they know they are unhappy.

    Work too hard, sleep less than they want, spend more time caring for children, husbands or wives who themselves, have forgotten what really makes them happy, such as the desire to have a time for you, hear your favorite song (alone) , leave the house without telling the world that is mostly the same neighbor, who always has his eye on the clock, controlling their departure and arrival times, or even that husband or wife jealous that links every hour to hear from you ! I know! Deceive me.

    There and sleep! When you want and all you want, eat what you want, go to the movies, having sex with whom you awaken the passion that both agree, because the passion has validity, it does not last forever no! Look, do not confuse passion with love and let love for another hour.

    Returning to the pursuit of happiness, if we find that happiness lies in having a job, kids, a partner among other things, then the meaning of life becomes to possess something or someone that is not really her or is it a day because their children will grow and one day will leave you, your assets can last up to, but you do not, your work will one day come to an end, your love will be your partner, friend to more passionate, so what you gonna do? Be happy! (If your happiness is boiled down to this.) Or feel like a failure because it left the world go by, maybe now go do what you've always wanted. Travelling! Before you had no time or money is not! And then think, now I can be happy! Living with my grandson who did not live with my son because he had no time, and now thinks he has. Now you have money, status, and even more power and his health is like? It allows you to live fully?

    Life does not wait, be happy today, do not be afraid to dare, in work, love, the passions, intensely alive not only add to accumulate material goods for happiness, what are your most precious moments in life!
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