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    Default Grief is an opportunity for Self-Growth.

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    Just Grieve.

    You come upon an experience, much like the one before. It causes you such pain, such frustration…will this continue evermore? You recall the past reactions, you watch and wait…who will keep the score? Does it even really matter, your both still lying clutching your chests on the floor.

    You scream out God help us, this is ripping out my core! There must be a better way, I cant keep on like this, please shine your light so I can find the door. Oh beautiful one…it’s okay, you do not yet understand what’s in store… thee most wonderful feeling imagined will be yours, as it was for you before. There is a blessing in each experience, the place you now gush from, will come to heal an only be a little sore.
    ...being a human...



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