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    Default Eve Teasing in India- What’s the Solution?

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    Here is a question for all Indians… ‘In what sense you want a better deal for Indian women?’ Is it just the reservation in the political arena? To me, when it comes to women, the freedom and empowered has a broader approach. Of course, women are making their presence felt at almost every field and every way. But, still there is something that needs to be taken seriously. What is it? Well, what is the most common thing you notice when you visit a disco, cinema hall, mall, beach and even an educational institution? No idea…of course, it has to be “Eve Teasing”?

    Eve teasing is prevalent in every form in our societies. I guess, every woman in her lifetime has come across some form of eve teasing. No city in India is barred from this social evil. It would not be an exaggeration if I say each an every time when you step out of your home, you can see one or two such incidents around you, maybe on roads or buses.

    When I am writing this, I could remember reading Bollywood actor, Preity Zinta’s column on BBC News online ‘Odds stacked Against Indian Women’. I totally go with her what she mentioned- “In India, ironies never cease, especially when it comes to women.” A typical Indian woman is safe, rather trapped in home, especially in conservative families. But, once she steps out of her home, she is not safe! So, is this the reason why a conventional Indian family is overtly concerned about their children, especially girls?

    However, it is seen that whenever a girl is with her boyfriend, brother or parents, she is protected to some extent. Though, I am not saying that she is completely safe. But, the question is, how long the parents or anyone could escort a girl. It is not possible for them to accompany her to each and every place. When we call an Indian modern woman is free, I doubt if all women feel this at their heart! No matter how a woman is free-spirited and modern, she has a constant fear that she might be assaulted or teased at public places. With this fear, how could we expect the women empowerment steps to be successful?

    Even though with the growing number of eve teasing incidents in urban Indian cities NGOs and other local authorities are showing their keenness in taking the problem seriously, but why the issue surfaces only when something severe happens. Such kind of incidents has the intensity to violate the basic dignity of a woman. Extreme form of eve teasing like sexual harassment can take away the life of a woman, owing to disturbed psychological state.

    For how long women would be the targets of eve teasing? Will they ever be able to roam around without any fear at heart? To my opinion, besides asking women to be equipped with pen knives or pins, men should be made educated enough to respect their counterparts, colleagues and co-travelers!



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