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    Default just enter if you have eye contact problem during talking

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    i have not created this thread in health and fitness zone because its not physical problem but mental..hope you will read whole thread and understand clearly what i want to say...

    Do you find yourself confused in social

    situations? Are you passionately interested

    in a single topic? Is it tough for you to

    make and maintain eye contact? Then you,

    like many talented and intelligent adults

    may be diagnosable with Aspergerís Syndrome.

    asperger's syndrome is development disorder

    that characterized by significant

    difficulties in social

    communication,repetitive behavior of

    patterns,poor social skill and special

    interest. people who have asperger's

    syndrome look like normal that's why its

    called as hidden disability its

    often diagnosed in child and adult.they call

    them selves as an aspie parents

    can know weather their child is normal or

    aspie after 3 years of birth by his/her


    source:Dude, I'm An Aspie.

    common symptoms and sign of asperger syndrome:

    they have difficulty to talk with same age people.
    i can't talk properly with my classmates.
    i can't talk properly with my relatives

    they have difficulty to make eye contact with other people.
    i can't talk with people when i try to stare at others eye.
    i feel something strange when i try to stare at others eye.

    they may have shy nature.
    avoid to talk with people..

    the have narrow interest means they have special interest.
    they have extreme interest their favorite subject.. suppose cars then he/she will find much information about cars.

    they may have difficulty to meet other people and make new friends.
    i have very few friends and don't like to meet people.

    they can talk much on their favorite subject and may be unaware that weather listener is interested or not.
    if he/she interested in computer then he/she will talk very much related to computer.
    if he/she interested in wild animals/birds then will talk much everything about it

    they are very sensitive to smell,noise,light etc...
    sound - if they hear loud noises continuously, they can not think clearly.
    touch - they have problem wearing some type of clothes, because the texture feels rough.

    they may talk like professor not talk like normal people.
    they may speak in monotone. no expressions on face,always talking seriously.

    they may like to do something again and again.
    they may like to eat same food again and again.
    if he/she child then may be play same game again and again.

    they take things literally

    example:if i say grab your partner for dance then they will really grab the dancer instead of understanding call dancer to dance with him/her..

    it is difficult for them to tell lies, even when it is important
    example:i can't find suitable example for this symptoms but want to say they really honest

    they face difficulty explaining their emotions

    they face difficulty understanding other people's emotions

    poor motor skills
    example:i find difficulty to catch the ball,riding the bike..
    may be clumsy walking style

    this is most asked question that why some people born with or affected by asperger syndrome??

    answer is, we don't know! now a days

    scientist came to the point that there are
    structural and functional differences in

    specific region of brain of normal vs aspie's..they also says that its depends on

    genes but never identified still..

    positive points of aspie

    -see and remember the details of things that other people miss

    -are very good at remembering rules, laws, systems and important facts. This talent is useful in many types of work

    -are better at writing than at talking to people, because they are careful to choose words that mean exactly what they want to say

    -do well at maths, computer programming and science

    -do well at drawing, painting, photography, acting or music

    -have a special interest that they become experts in

    -enjoy doing the same thing many times over, which some people find boring. Many people with Asperger Syndrome are good at practicing scales on the piano,

    - at adding up long sums, and at searching through books and papers to find information and mistakes

    -Some people with AS can mimic voices if they are scripted, even just slightly..

    movies based on asperger syndrome

    Mozart and the whale(2005)

    My name is Khan(2010)

    you can check by quiz weather u are aspie or not

    click here

    note:different people may have different symptoms not necessary that every symptoms should match with every aspie.

    please don't decide by just reading this weather you are aspie or not..its not official symptoms manual..!! at least half symptoms should match for aspergers criteria

    please help me to find such a people and be a part of my community where aspie meet each others and share your experience

    don't take as a curse just think

    it is God gift and it has many

    advantage..don't worry about it and some

    people says that its happen due to

    mobile,pc,internet but see i'm not just

    talking about social difficulty i'm also

    talking that they have sensory problem,eye

    contact problem and my advice to search on


    plz comment here if your nature match with above signs

    plz who have problem just pm me bcoz i need your help also and search about it on GOOGLE..

    SOME FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH asperger syndrome

    (1)Albert einstein(rumor)

    (2)Issac Newton(rumor)

    (3)Graham Bell(rumor)

    (4)alfred hitch****(famous director

    (5)Abraham liclon(first American president)

    (6)Bram Cohen(self dignosed)

    Bram Cohen is the chief scientist of BitTorrent

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    nice post.

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    thanks for reply...tell your other relatives or friends if they have such a they can live their life happy...don't conclude from this thread only..its only just brief information...



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