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    Default How deep rooted is Casteism in Indian Society?

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    Casteism is deep rooted social problem in India. Though things are changing faster but still the ill thing which has been in collective consciousness of people since thousands of years can't go so easily.

    Currently on popular channel colors , a serial is on air. The name of serial is 'pal pal dil ke paas' .I have not been following the serial but I did see its promos before it went on air. The promos had punch line as 'brahmin ka ladka , kayas ki ladki , khabar paki hai' which mean son of brahmin and daughter of kayas . News (about affair) are confirmed.

    Caste is very important factor in India. It applies when alliance of marriage is seeked , it applies when votes are seeked by politicians and it applies in date to date life in many parts of the country.

    While nation is debating on caste based census how deep rooted is caste factor in our society can be seen by following true instance :

    one of my family friend told this story... my doothwala came to deliver milk. He works for a diary. He has good built , with good height . There are two people who come alternatively to deliver milk at my place. I always get confused with their names since i hardly meet them. Yesterday did go home early and so was there when he came. I said -'aur himmat kaise ho'..He replied-'sab mera naam himmat nahi hai'. Me -'aare haan tumhara naam kedar hai na, himmat to dusere ka naam hai , lekin height/body se to tumhara naam himmat hona chahiye tha'..To this he replied -'Sab woh thakur hai, isliye uska naam himmat singh hai aur hum brahmin hain to humhara naam himmat kaise ho sakta hai?'..

    Caste...It still governs people. Yes one may say that this doodthwala is uneducated , but caste still plays factor in marriage , at times in votes and as seen recently in punjab , caste plays role in riots too.

    If someones asks you about what is your caste , if you brahmin ,the so called upper caste and according to me the biggest issue with hinduism is caste. Caste should have been eradicated long back but it still prevails and now since it has become political means for power , it shall keep on prevailing.

    Time and again , India has seen various people opposing caste since centuries. Some were called gods , some were called saints , some were called reformers. They came , they tried but caste prevailed.

    As India is developing at one of fastest way , there are lot of things which are changing in India . I just hope that in coming 100 years , caste factor becomes no factor or atleast not so important factor.
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    Thanks for the share

    The meaning of the name Akili is 'Wisdom, intellect, sense'.



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