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    Default Assets Of Politicians – It is worth to be politician..a look mayawati

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    First let us see what mayawati declared :
    palatial bungalow in delhi’s Sardar Patel Marg – Rs 54.09 crore
    Okhla area , delhi , commercial place – Rs 15.50 crore
    Connaught Place , commercial place – Rs 2 crore
    Connaught Place , commercial place – Rs 1.27 crore
    Lucknow ,mansion – Rs. 1.79 crore
    380 carats of diamonds – Rs 86 Lakhs
    Gold – Rs 19 lakh
    Silver – Rs 4.4 lakh
    Murals – Rs 15 lakh
    Bank Deposits – Rs 11.39 crore
    Cash in Hand – Rs 12.95 lakh
    Interesting , isn’t it?. She has been in field of public service since more than 25 years and before that she was teacher. She was born to poor parents and this ‘dalit ki beti’ is now worth crores!!!!!!!
    Now let us come to our dear rahul baba ,the uncrowned prince of congress who can make dr manmohan singh leave his seat if he want to. This baba too is crorepati. His critics wonder when did he go for work?. May be inherited wealth from his esteemed family who has always been rich since motilal nehru days.
    If dalit ke beti and yuvraj of India can be crorepati , why can’t lal of bjp be too?. Lal krishnan advani too worth crores and has asset around 5 crores , officially.
    India is land of more than billion people . India is land of largest number of poors too and to represent these poors we need some crorepatis . After all only crorepatis can make sure that poors are uplifted. So we have more than 25% of parliament members who are crorepatis that too officially. We are not going to talk about black money out here!!!!!!!!!
    Few of these crorepatis has acquired wealth by businesses , while maximum of them have been serving poors since couple of decades. Now serving poor is noble thing to do and since charity starts at home , these servers of poors became crorepati themselves . Now they are in better position to serve poors. Isn’t it?
    When in school , most of us dream of becoming business man , writer , actor , engineer , scientist. Very few think about serving poor and becoming politician. Well it is worth becoming one seeing assets of politicians. Isn’t it?
    ...being a human...



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