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    Default Arundhati Roy backs Maoists, dares authorities to arrest her

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    Criticism of romanticising Naxalism despite Booker Prize-winning author Arundhati Roy has necessary armed resistance, which the Maoists and the management dared to arrest her for supporting their reason.

    Although claiming that she did not support violence, says 48 years old writer-activist that the Naxal pressure group can be nothing more than an armed struggle that Gandhi's way would not have been triumphant in this context.

    "The Naxal movement can be nothing more than an armed struggle. I do not support violence. But I am also totally against the dreadful cruelty-based policy analysis," she said delivering a lecture on "The War on People" under the auspices of the group for the Protection ofdemocratic rights in Mumbai late last night.

    "There should be an armed movement. Gandhi's way to the antagonism needs an audience, which is absent here. People have debated for a long time before choosing this form of struggle," Roy, who had greeted the "people Dantewada post 76 CRPF and policemen weremowed down by the damp in deadly attacks against security forces said.

    "I'm on this side of the line. I do not get me ... put me in jail," she said in force.

    While terming the naxalite violence as a effect of the battle between the tribes and corporate houses to gain control over natural resources such as minerals, water and forests, she said, "While 99 percent of the Maoists is tribal, 99 percent of the tribal is not the Maoists."

    "The government asks Maoists corridor is really MoU-ist corridor. You have an MoU on every mountain, river ... signed memoranda of understanding with the largest companies in the world, waiting to get resources," said Roy.

    To explain the finances behind the iron ore mines, Arundhati quote from Lokayukta report said while the government earns Rs 24 per tonne, my company Rs 5000

    "Here we have the poorest and most too thin waging war on companies that are supported by all institutions in the world's largest democracy. Vid extent has they won in stopping the powerful Corporate in their tracks, she said, and continued:" If we conclude them, we can get them to win this war. "

    They have a history of resistance that was adopted before Mao. They were always armed ...they are just using these bows and arrows against the complicated weapons security forces deployed by the management to crush their movement, "she said.

    Roy also stated that his reported comments praising the Maoists as "Gandhians with Guns".

    "I have never called them Gandhians with guns. There was a blurb carried by a magazine. What I meant was that they (Naxals) are more Gandhi than any other Gandhi in their consumption patterns ... lifestyle."

    The author has also slammed the media for alleged lack of clearness in their relations.

    "In the past, politicians had to pay for a good coverage. Now they have to pay to ensure they do not get poor coverage. Good coverage are extra fees," Roy said and demanded that media houses declare all their income
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