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    Default Anderson Saga : Are we shocked?

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    When World’s Biggest Industrial Tradegy occured in bhopal , I was just 7 years of age. I didn’t knew anything about it. As I grew up , I did come to know few things about bhopal. Somethings like ‘thousands had died ‘ , ‘there was gas leak’.
    Before bhopal verdict only anderson , I knew about was pamela anderson and reason I knew her is pretty obvious .
    Warren Anderson , the then chariman of American parent company Union Carbide Corp responsible for the Bhopal gas tragedy , was released on bail and was declared to be absconding by Indian court.
    That is what every one knows but after the verdict many interesting things are coming out of closet. It is not that most things are new , some of these things were already in public domain but after the verdict , media is interviewing various people who are telling their part of anderson saga.
    First one to speak was ex cbi officer. He claimed that during narshima rao government , CBI can under pressure to go slow and not push for extradition of anderson. The pressure came from MEA which was under pranab mukherjee.
    CBI director of those era immediately denied any such pressure or any official letter regarding anderson.
    Next person to go public was ex collector of bhopal who said that chief secretat had ordered to release anderson. Chief secretat had done all the necessary formalities and anderson was released and flied to delhi in madhya pradesh government’s plane.
    Ex collector also said that anderson was not too keen to leave bhopal and wanted to visit effected site but he was stopped to do so citing his security.
    Today cnn-ibn approached co-pilot Mr ali who confirmed that they flew anderson on government plane to delhi. Ex collector , one government official had come to airport to see anderson off.In delhi anderson was received by someone and he sat in private car before he was taken away.
    Digvijay singh came out in support of arjun singh (then chief minister of madhya pradesh) and said that arjun singh can’t be blamed because state government were simply implementing orders from center government.
    A cabinet minister from then rajiv gandhi government considered release of anderson as big mistake.
    Congress being on defensive asked for extradition of anderson and usually aggresive jayanti natrajan was being seeing subdue in cnn-ibn program. She said we should now focus of rehabilitation of victims and extradition of anderson!!!!!!!!!!!. Now this indirectly can mean , uptill now we weren’t focused on both.
    Anderson saga is bigger than harshad mehta , ketan parekh , raju scams. It is bigger than bofors , it is bigger than 2g scam. It involved freeing of man whose company was responsible for death of 20,000 people of India.
    He was freed and allowed to leave the country. State government and center government was involved. Why he was freed?. Who ordered his freedom?
    Mystery continues. But are we really shocked?. Aren’t we used to corporate -bureaucrats-politicians nexus. Aren’t we used to such things happening in our country on frequent basis. Scam , scandals , bribes , death of lower middle class and poors .
    Are we shocked?. Probably not.
    ...being a human...



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