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    Default 8 ways Twitter has changed the way we do things

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    While internet has existed for almost a century, the advent of social media has changed everything and moved the game to another level. Social media is a game-changer. It has changed the way we do many things. From the way we do business, learn, and communicate to the way we are governed. From the way politics is done, to the way news is reported. The 21st century will be remembered as the information century where it is about knowledge power- intellectual capital: it is about what you know that matters more than the dollars in your pocket. Consider the following observations:

    1. Twitter is a great amplifier of information and knowledge. It has a viral and amplifying effect to anything that becomes known by one person within a split of a second spreads very fast like a virus and is known to the whole world.

    2. With twitter, everyone has voice: You can freely give your opinion on any matter and make your voice heard. The power of mainstream media in giving citizens the soul voice to air an opinion on topical issues is now lessened. Peoplesí voice is now in a tweet. Twitter is like the mouth that speaks. That voice can also be in a blog post or on a facebook page. With social media you canít stop people from talking.

    3. Twitter gives its users the power to interrogate any information. With social media, you cannot just say anything and expect to fly high in fame, within a short while people will counter-check the accuracy of what youíve said and you risk being exposed for your ignorance or inaccuracy. People do not just want you to say something they also want to know your sources. People can interrogate anything, they can ask questions, demand answers and accountability.

    4. Twitter has flattened access to Information. Geographical location or distance doesnít matter anymore. Contributors are now global citizens in a village. No one has a monopoly of ideas; once information is shared in social media it becomes available to everyone.

    5. With Twitter the risk of suffering from information over-load has never been so real and the ability to filter the authoritative from the noise is the distinction between being smart and being foolish.

    6. Information and news is in real-time. We now do not have to wait for news to be updated in a website in hours or days, with twitter information and news comes in real-time as it happens.

    7. Context now matters more than ever. Imagine reading a 140 character tweet in the middle of a conversation between people, you need to get the context right to understand the content. Twitter is a direct pipeline into peoplesí minds. Tweets are thought fragments and without understanding context, you canít interpret content. He who understands context is Queen.

    8. Content is elevated. It is not whether you say something or not, it is what you say that matters. While everyone wants to say something, it is the value of what is said that gives one authority. It is not who you are, it is what you say that gets the attention and gets tweeted and re-tweeted. You can be recognized and become an authority once people identify you as a reliable source of sharing great content. You can build your own brand by sharing great content. People are hungry looking for useful and great content to read and share. He who has the best content is King



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