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    Default Yum Yum: Producer Rajan Shahi to treat his entire Tere Sheher Mein team with some delicious food

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    Rajan Shahi is one Producer who will go out of his way to appreciate good performances coming from actors of his shows.

    Well, the actors of his newly launched Star Plus show Tere Sheher Mein are the ones to get a pat on their backs this time around.

    Firstly, the Producer is simply moved by the phenomenal performance of seasoned actress Gautami Kapoor in the show. As Sneha, Rajan feels she tackles all the nuances in her character so very well.

    Well, it is not only Gautami, but others like Sachin Tyagi, S.M. Zaheer, Beena, Rafi Malik and others have received words of praise from him.

    As a cute and nice gesture, the Producer now thinks of treating his team with a lunch or dinner in the next couple of days.

    When contacted, Rajan went on to say, "Yes, the entire team of Tere Sheher Mein is doing a phenomenal job. I plan to give them a surprise. I will treat them with delicious food and sweets."

    Talking about Gautami's performance, Rajan averred, "She's simply too good. Every show and the situations in shows get too predictable. That's where I wanted my show to be different. Gautami is so very good in depicting her emotions."

    Even for the matter of fact, the character of Amaya, as per Rajan is something out of the box, and Hiba is doing a stellar job in the role. "Amaya is not a person you will like to see. She is so real; she is not the typical good daughter. I knew that viewers will take time to accept Amaya as she is the rich spoilt brat. She is not the type of girl viewers will immediately connect to. And Hiba has got into the character so very well."

    To add to it, it is not only the actors but the entire crew of the show that will enjoy the treat from their Producer in the coming days.

    Well, three cheers to the team of TSM and of course to the Producer too.



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