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    Sankarabharnam( a jewel to shiva) is a musical hit movie directed by kala tapaswi K.Viswanath. This story is based on the traditional classical music of India. The story was narrated around a classic musician who gives shelter to a women who was a great classical dancer and ignored by his husband. The musician gives shelter to both the dancer and her kid. Though the relation between dancer and musician is a sacred relation of teacher and student, yet the society fails in understanding their relationship and as a result, the musician has to loose his name, programs. So as there were no programs, he becomes poor, still he will not leave her hand. She protects her and makes her son great classical singer. Unfortunately the musician takes his last breath while singing an extraordinary classical song. The dancer later builds a new school of classical arts on the name of great musician. Somayaajulu acted extremely good as a musician. No need to explain about the classical dancer Manju bahrgavi, who acted as a neglected dancer in the film. All songs are number one songs. I still remember all the songs of the movie. especially the song ‘Dorakuna ituvanti seva’, still remembered by music and non-music lovers. Really we are proud to have such a nice director K.Viswanath, who presented such an wonderful movie to the tollywood.


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