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    Talking Todi Kodallu (1957) DVDrip 700MB X264

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    Thodi Kodallu (Telugu: ???????????) is a 1957 Telugu film directed by Adurthi Subba Rao and produced by Dukkipati Madhusudhana Rao of Annapoorna Pictures. The story is adopted from Nishkruti novel of Saratchandra Chatterjee excellently adopted to the Telugu audience. Kaarulo Shikarukelle and Aaduthu Paaduthu Panichestuntu songs are memorable hits in the film.

    The plot

    The movie revolves around a Joint family with its many problems and advantages and explicitly show how some people take advantage of the situation to create confusion. But Unity is Strength is the principle motivating factor. Kutumba Rao (SV Rangarao) and his wife Kamala (Kannamba) played the role of the eldest members of the family. Satyam (ANR) and his wife, Suseela (Savitri), imposes strict rules on the family and takes care of the well being of everybody in it. Ramanayya's wife, Anasuya (Suryakantham) grows jealous of Suseela. Her distant relative Vaikuntam (Jaggaiah) starts spreading his evil influence over the family. Satyam fights for the family and brings about the evil-doings of Vaikuntam to the notice of Kutumba Rao. The family reunites to live together at the end




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