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    Default Manmadhan Banam (2011) - 300 mb - DVDRip - x264 - MKV - 420p - BHAVANI Rip

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    Manmadhan Banam (2011) - 300 mb - DVDRip - x264 - MKV - 420p - BHAVANI Rip


    Kamal Haasan as Major Raja Mannar
    Trisha Krishnan as Ambujakshi (Ambu / Nisha)
    Madhavan as Madanagopalan (Madan)
    Surya as himself (Guest Appearance)
    and more....

    Madanagopal/Madan (Madhavan), a wealthy entrepreneur, suspects that his girlfriend, actress Ambujakshi alias Ambu (Trisha) may be having [love] with her colleagues in the film industry. To that end, he hires detective Major Raja Mannar (Kamal Haasan) to follow her when she goes on a andipatti for a vacation. Mannar accepts, as he needs money to pay the hospital bills of his friend kupuswamy (Ramesh Arvind), who is afflicted with [pailuse], and his wife Mallika (Urvashi). Contrary to Madanagopal's suspicions, Ambujakshi is loyal and virtuous; when Mannar reports this, Madan refuses to pay him as his suspicions were unfounded.
    Disappointed, Mannar to save his dying friend Rajan fabricates a story and tells Madan that she is having a secret affair during her trip. In the process, he introduces himself as a tourist to Ambu, her friend Deepa (Sangeetha) and Deepa's children, and becomes close to the group. while getting closer to Ambu, Mannar says to Madhan that Ambu is good but the other guy is bad, but madhan does not want to hear that and eventually breaks up with Ambu. While recollecting his past as an Army officer, he reveals that he lost his wife three years ago in a car accident. Ambujakshi realizes to her horror that the accident was caused by herself during an argument with Madan which was shown in initial part of the movie. Both of them decide to confront each other with the truth, but Ambu misunderstands Kurup (Kunchan) as Madhan's detective and slaps him and tells that she loves Mannar. Meanwhile Rajan should undergo an operation immediately after the chemotherapy to keep him alive. To make things worse Madan announces that he will visit them in person at Venice. Ultimately, Mannar and Deepa stage a plan with the help of Kurup to deceive Madhan for the final break-up with Ambu.
    Madhavan arrives at the place and some mix-ups and misunderstandings take place among the characters. Madhavan realises that Ambu has fallen in love with Mannar and accepts it with a heavy heart.Towards the end , it's shown that , Madan falls in love with Deepa.
    Source: 1CD [email protected][DDR] [Thanks]

    Codec: MPEG4 Video (H264)
    Resolution: 608x272
    Frame Rate: 25.00fps
    Data Rate: 280Kbps
    Format: MKV

    Codec: Vorbis Ogg
    Freq. 32000Hz stereo
    Bitrate: 70 Kbps

    Size: 305.36 MiB
    Duration: 02:32:18

    Encoder Used: MeGUI
    Ripped & Uploaded by: dEsI InDiAn

    Ripper Note: Enjoy the Release with No Watermark !!!

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