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    Talking YRF to have Season 2 on Sony..

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    [DOWN]Sony's YRF band may not be rocking the TRP meters but the channel will not pull the plug off it.

    According to our source, "The channel has already given a green light to the production house to start working on Season 2. The current season which includes 4 fiction shows ( Mahi Way, Powder, Seven and and one non fiction(Lift Kara De) will end in June - July. The new season might or might not follow season one's ending. There may even be a time gap as it happens abroad", says our source.

    Sony Business Head, Mr. Ajeet Thakur says " We will soon make a announcement in this regard. Certain shows in the YRF band might continue, while others will be replaced. Seven and Mahi Way have given us decent enough numbers. The latter show is quite edgy (A girl looking for a boy friend), yet it has found connect with the audience".

    On the shows which have not done well, Mr. Thakur says, "Agreed Powder has not got good numbers yet, but it has a loyal fan following. This drug based thriller is quite pacey and if you miss one episode you feel left out". About the lack of success of Lift Kara De, Thakur says, "We wanted to be loyal to the concept of doing some for the underprivileged. We could have easily shown that in the last segment but we did not want fun and games with celebs to spoil the seriousness of the issue."

    Could his silence about mean that that this marriage bureau based show will not last the season change? Shruti Seth who is playing the lead role in blamed the audience for her show not doing well, "I guess the public likes rona dhona and village based stuff."
    Our source also dismissed criticism that the band did not get good ratings as a whole. "We always knew that ratings would be slow, for fresh content takes time to pick up and we are confident that we will get better numbers as the show moves on."

    The khabru also did not think that the change of time slot owing to IPL will affect the ratings. Our research shows that our core audience (Youth) tunes into TV only at late nights on weekdays. Mr. Thakur on his part said, "I will at least wait a year before saying whether we have clicked or not".

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