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    Default Yash Pandit and Parul Chaudhary are in a relationship...

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    The latest buzz is that Yash Pandit and Parul Chaudhary are in a relationship...

    The latest buzz is that the male protagonist Yash Pandit and the female antagonist Parul Chaudhary of Star Plus' Tere Mere Sapne are seeing each other and are in a relationship.

    The air has come to us straight from the sets of Tere Mere Sapne. "People on the sets as well as off the sets are learning that they both are seeing each other, as Yash and Parul are always seen together. Yash's appetite is also taken care of by Parul as she brings brings food for him. Also Yash is seen in Parul's greenroom whenever he gets a break," informs a khabroo.

    "They have also been spotted together many a times at cinema halls and restaurants too," adds source.

    We contacted Parul to know about the buzz but she rubbished the rumor saying, "I agree that we both spend lot of time together and are seen together most of the times. Out of 24 hours we spend almost 13-14 hours together on the sets and now we both have got used to each other. I might sound cliched but this is the truth that we are just good friends.(smiles)"

    We could not contact Yash as he is out of country for some personal reasons.

    Well Parul, we have to say that, 'We are just good friends' sounds too cliched for such rumors!
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