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    Default The best and worst Holi memories of these TV stars

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    With Holi coming up this weekend, television stars seem to be in a festive mood.

    Rajul Hegde caught up with some of them, and quizzed them about their best -- and worst -- Holi moments.

    Shweta Tiwari

    I have been celebrating Holi for many years in the same way. I enjoy the rain dance with my friends and family.

    Once, some colour went into my eyes and I got a severe eye infection that lasted for a month. I stopped playing Holi after that but I enjoy watching others play.

    My daughter (Palak, 8) is very fond of Holi. She keeps a white dress ready for Holi. The first thing she does in the morning is throw colours on the bed and say 'Holi hai'

    When she plays Holi in the building, she makes sure all the colours are splashed on her dress. If any of them is missing, she will go downstairs again to put the colour!

    Shubangi Atre

    I would not play Holi before. Lately, I've started playing with gulaal (colour) only, thanks to my husband and in-laws. In my childhood, I was not comfortable playing with colours so I would play with water.

    I was a pampered child so my father would keep a bucket of warm water for me in the garden!

    If anyone came close to me with colours, I would splash warm water on them. That was fun.

    Kavita Kaushik

    Holi is family time for me. Sometimes, I play Holi, sometimes I don't.

    If I play, it has to be with the dirtiest Holi with proper colours and black oil paint!

    The most memorable Holi is with my parents in Delhi. My father would play the dhol. We would go out on the streets and drag people from their houses and put colours. Sometimes we would chase them on the streets too!

    After Holi, we would sit in the garden and chat before washing ourselves.

    I don't have any bad memories of Holi. But I remember once my father (a police officer) bashed up a boy for passing nasty comments.

    Additi Gupta

    My father was posted at Dhamtari near Raipur, when I was in school. We were living in a Gujarati colony and the Holi festival was a lot of fun.

    I would stand in the balcony and throw water balloons at people. People would fill up the tank (meant for storing cow's feed) with water, colour and mud and dip us!

    Now I have lost interest in Holi. It's a pain cleaning up all the colour. So I just chill out with my friends at home or go out for dinner.
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