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    Default This Week News : Phulwa

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    Thakur has sent Shankar (Angad Hasija) and Chhote Thakur to kill Phulwa (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) as they have realised she is the cause of all the worries in the village. But things will not go per plan.
    A source says, “Shankar and Chhote Thakur have been searching for Phulwa all this while as the villagers are playing Holi and it’s getting difficult for them to get to her.

    But, the search will end now as they will finally find her with Chunni near a well. Since Phulwa is wearing a red duppata on her face Shankar will not get to see her face. He will be almost ready to shoot her when he will notice that Phulwa is just a little girl. He won’t shoot her; he will throw his gun and walk away. During the same time Phulwa will hand over the red duppata to Chunni and move out of that place.

    “Since Shankar does not agree on harming Phulwa, Chhote Thakur plans to do the needful. Hence, he moves toward the girl in the red dupatta not knowing she is Chunni and he will end up throwing Chunni into the well.”

    Angad says, “Shankar still does not know who Phulwa is hence, what he will do once he comes to know about it is something you will have to wait and watch.”
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