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    Default Vishnu-Hansika escapes Bulls attack on film sets

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    For many of our favorite stars this year has been a bumpy ride with injuries here and there. Genex heroes are indulging in risky stunts and fights to enthrall fans in their bid to entertain them and stay ahead of their contemporaries. This sometimes is leading to injuries as was seen in Ram Charan's injury or NTR twisting his leg etc.

    Vishnu and Hansika are starring in a film directed by G.Nageswara Reddy on 24 Frames Factory. The film is tentatively titled as "Dorakadu". The film's shooting is on in and around Tirupathi near Ittepalli village. When fight master Selva was screening climax scenes of the film, some bulls which were used in the shot along with the bullock carts, got frightened and attacked camera men. One red camera was totally damaged and two camera assistants were injured.

    Hansika, Vishnu, Ravi Prakash and Camera Man Siddharth were present during the incident. Vishnu said shooting commenced after some time and injured persons are safe. He said the film's shooting will continue till 31st of this month later which two songs will be shot in Bangkok.

    The tentatively titled Dorakadu is said to be a full fledged laugh riot and the makers are confident that the film will turn out as a successful venture in the range of Vishnu’s Dhee. For the first time, Vishnu is pairing up with Hansika in the film.



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