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    Talking Virani proposes Vaibhav - Devki marriage in Mukti Bandhan..

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    I.M. Virani comes up with yet another scheming idea after his major plan to humiliate Devki and Bhawanji fizzles out in COLORS' Mukti Bandhan...

    There will be huge pandemonium happening in the Virani house on the occasion of Vaibhav's (Siddharth Arora) engagement to the chief minister's daughter in COLORS' Mukti Bandhan..

    The Special Episode that will air tonight, 26th February will give viewers the right mix of fun, frolic and drama. The event organized by I.M. Virani (Shiv Subramaniam) will kick-start with the cast of Tanu Weds Manu, Madhavan and Kangna Ranaut taking center stage. Amidst all the festivity, Virani will get to know that the chief minister's daughter has fled with her lover, and this brings to a halt his engagement dreams. However, the man does not react much to this disappointment, as he has planned for many big things in the event!!

    As we know, Virani's trump card is Dalichand (Rajeev Mehta), but the one fact that Virani does not know till now is that Devki happens to be Bhawanji Bha's (Ramesh Talwar) grand daughter.

    Our source states, "Cheenu and Virani have tutored the alcoholic Dalichand to reveal to one and all about Bhawanji and Devki's illicit relationship. As planned, Dalichand comes to the party in a completely drunk state and exposes the close pictures of Bhawanji and Devki (Esha Kansara). This stuns both Bhavanji and Devki, and this is when Devki blurts out to one and all that Bhavanji is like her surrogate father who has taken care of her from childhood. This revelation embarrasses Virani a lot, but he does not let the disappointment come out on his face and immediately plans yet another big move".

    We hear that after the huge showdown between Dalichand and Devki, Virani will make one big proposal, and that is to get Vaibhav married to Devki.

    "This decision comes as yet another shocker to Devki, and she is lost for words", adds our source.

    If sources are to be believed, Dalichand happens to be Bhawanji Bha's son-in-law.

    Will Devki accept to marry Vaibhav? Will she ever get to know of Virani's cunning plans behind this very proposal?

    Tune in to COLORS' Muktibandhan Special Episode tonight at 8 PM..

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    It's a cool series. Perhaps, an edge above the rest. I guess, the show could get more of TRPs if it was more focused on business and perhaps HOW I.M. VIRANI made it to BILLIONS.



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