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    Default Veteran actress Radha Kumari passed away at 70

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    Veteran actress Radha Kumari passed away thursday morning after she had a heart stroke. The popular character artist was known for her roles as mother and grand mother, began her career way back in 1962 in Tene Manasulu which is also the debut film for Krishna, Ram Mohan and Sukanya among others.

    She was wife of character actor and writer Ravi Kondala Rao. She hailed from Vizianagaram district. Ravi Kondala Rao who is away in Dubai is returning to Hyderabad. She acted in about 600 films spanning a period of four decades.

    Known as the grand old couple of Tollywood, Radha Kumari and her husband have a strong theatre background. They acted as wife and husband in many films as well. She acted in more than 600 films and is known for her subtle humour. The couple is favourite among top directors like Bapu and K Vishwanath.

    Radha Kumar began her career as a stage actress. She acted in more than 400 films in her career spanning several decades. Seen as the best choice to play good-hearted roles, she acted in top heroes of two generations. She was a good replacement for the likes of Nirmala in later day films.

    The demise of Radha Kumari has been deeply mourned by several film industry stalwarts.



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