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    Default Upasana would go whereever Ram Charan goes

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    Ram Charan's soon-to-be-wife Upasana Kamineni on a shopping spree. Upasana was recently spotted shopping for her forth coming wedding. She also spoke to the media at length for the first time after her star-studded engagement ceremony with Charan.

    What's your fashion Style? "It depends on what your state of mind is! Right now, my fashion depends on what Charan likes, because I think he has a great taste. And it's very important that Charan tells me what he likes, because I have to impress only him and no one else," said Upasana.

    What impresses Charan and what kind of colors does he like? "Well he did a movie 'Orange', may be its that color," says Upsi. If Tomorrow he does a movie called Red or Blue? "That means he is going through a red phase or green phase or blue phase," she added.

    Do you think you are on terms with Aishwarya Rai? "With Aishwarya Rai? Well if Charan is known as Abhishek and his dad is known as the Amitabh of the South, I have no option," she quipped.

    After marriage, are you planning to stay here or abroad? Upasana replied,"That question you should ask Charan, not me. I would go wherever he goes."

    Who dominates - You or Charan? "Well haven't been married yet. So, we will wait for that then we will see what will happen," she opined.

    About the wedding venue? "You should ask his dad, my dad and the family. They will know about it," Upasana said, concluding her interview.



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