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    Default TV Stars on Teachers Day

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    Tellydom stars speaks on what subject they wish to teach if given a chance...

    We crib about them; we wish their heads explode; also sometimes we go to those heights that curse the ancestors who developed their subjects. And there are remote chances for some of them to get liked and adored. You must be wondering who 'they' we are talking about are.

    Well, it's none other than our teachers. If we conduct a survey we might even conclude that they are the people who are alive even after the immense curses and hatred of the students.

    But today let's forget all the differences and the negative feelings towards them as it is their day today.

    Yes! Wish you all a very happy Teachers' Day…

    Given a chance I would have loved to teach Mathematics as it is considered as one of the hardest of the subjects we have and it is indeed a challenge to for a maths teacher to be liked by the students. But fortunately I loved the way my teachers taught me maths.

    TellyBuzz asked some of the Tellydom actors what they would have like to teach in their school, given a chance.

    As students we all used to wait for that period where we all are let loose without any shackles around us, the Physical Training period. Barun Sobti and Ragini Khanna excitedly said that they would love to be PT Teachers.

    Barun says, "I would love to be a PT teacher because two of my favourite teachers Rajan Sir and Vijendra Sir, taught us PT. I used to love to play football during the hour. Also I love my English teacher as well."

    Barun also adds, "Being a student I was incapable of copying because I used to get caught."

    Ragini has to convey, "I will become a PT teacher if given a chance because that is one subject that children eagerly wait to come and all the PT teachers are loved a lot. When I was in school I was a total geek, topper in the class and teachers' pet. Two of my favourite teachers were my great friends.

    But at the same time I was very weak in math but when I went to college I made it a point to crack that as well and hence took accounts. During college days I was dealing with only numbers and in the finals I scored well also."

    Abhinav Shukla has an interesting stuff to share, "I would have loved to teach Physics because I have a good grasp of the subject and I believe that I could do proper justice to it. Being a student I used to write micro parchis of formulas and dates and keep it inside ball pen caps. But the irony was that every time I used make micro mini chits, I always remembered them in the exam hall. So I guess one of the best ways to remember is to make small chits to copy."

    "Also when I was in my 4 Std, I remember my favourite teacher, Ms Walia, telling us that if boys want to impress girls, then stay clean with neatly cut nails and good appearance because girls hate shabbily dressed men."

    Well, must say, Abhinav has indeed given some gyan to all the students out there.

    Rubina Dilaik shares about her favourite subjects and her memories, "I would love to teach English Literature and languages because I used to do a lot of writing during my school days. I was into poetry writing, short stories which I loved the most. My favourite teacher was my English teacher, Ms Anu. Shooting schedules now have kept me really busy and today I do not get time to write."

    Our dear actors do miss their school days and their favourite teachers, after they gave their first lessons to be what they are today.

    Dear readers, just give a thought about what your teachers are doing for you and what they are undergoing before cribbing and cursing them…

    Once again DR wishes you all A Very Happy Teacher's Day…
    ...being a human...



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