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    Default TV celebs celebrate World Television Day

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    Today is World Television day (21 November 2012). This medium is one of the most important forms of communication and information available today. It is used to bring out the freedom of expression and also to boost cultural diversity.

    Like always, we called up few TV stars and asked them of their likes and dislikes of television and the one thing they would like to change in the medium.

    Stated Vivian Dsena aka RK from Colors’ Madhubala, “The TV industry is one big family. Since there are a lot of talented people, they get good opportunities with variety of channels on display and their shows. The desire to create new stuff is what I like. I dislike the madness for TRPs and storyline changes every now and then. There should be more advanced planning in all departments that would be meant to simplify things.”

    Dipika Samson, who is seen in Colors’ Saural Simar Ka, observed, “The television industry is a good place as a career option even for girls. What I like the most is that it’s highly creative in all aspects. What I dislike is that one gets very less of holidays. I wish there was a bank of episodes so as to enable actors get more holidays. I feel great to be part of the TV industry.”

    “One thing I like about the TV industry is that it's growing in leaps and bounds. Technologically, it has advanced and a variety of content is being tried. TV provides employment to a big chunk of people since there are more channels. One thing I dislike about this industry is the erratic non-organized shooting schedules and not maintaining the system to have a bank of episodes. I suppose that they have stopped this practice to be in the rat race of TRPs. If a particular show gets less TRPs, it doesn't mean that it isn’t good. Every show should have at least a bank of week's episodes. The industry would surely be more organized once that is done,” observed Aman Verma.

    Shoaib Ibrahim, who is currently seen in colors Sasural Simar Ka averred, “TV has become a good medium for hundreds of talented people to get closer to their dreams by way of the reality shows. There is nothing that I dislike about the industry, but I want the TV shows to mellow down so that can be more realistic and subtle. At the moment they are too hypothetical or loud compared to the stuff in cinema.”

    “Entertainment is one thing that TV provides to the viewers; especially for housewives. What I don’t like is unnecessary filth that is dumped into our bedrooms with regards to the TRP games. I wish TV moves forward and not behind in time. Most of the shows today are based on conservative society. Where on one hand the world is progressing, our TV is going remote,” maintained Ridheema Tiwari from Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage.

    Lastly, Narayani Shastri added, “I like the fame, the money and the opportunity to play different characters on television. I hate the monotony and regression and the misuse of its power. I would like to push the envelope and venture into a different territory."
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