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    Default Trisha have no plan to get Married soon

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    Anushka, Sneha, Trisha, Shriya and Priyamani, are all born in the early part of the eighties and are about the same age with a year plus or minus. Though all of them ruled the southern film circuit for the past few years, they have passed their prime standing at the cross roads of their career. Basically, age is not on their side.

    When a heroine is busy with the films, jurnos most common question is “what is your next movie?” But, now the most frequent question to the above heroines is “When are you getting married?”

    With Reema Sen tied the knot to longtime boyfriend and Sneha is getting married in May with Prasanna Kumar, speculations are rife about Trisha getting married this year end. Of course, same types of rumours are floating about her marriage from past two years.

    Trisha rubbished them as rumours and confirmed that she has no plans for the next two years. She is happy with the way her career is shaping now. She is currently acting in ‘Dammu’ opposite NTR and signed tow Tamil movies opposite Vishal and Jiiva.



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