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    Default TOP 10 TV Hunks of 2011-2012

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    nother international star has landed in India. After Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey, India is playing host to former Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. The star is here to attend the 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit and is on a mission to spread awareness about clean and green energy in the country. While he is busy following his schedule, the hot hunks of TV want to meet him. .com asks them what is the one thing they would want to do if they meet him. So read on.

    Arhaan Behl says, “I think he has looked great in the Terminator series. And it is good to know that he is in India.” Arjun Bijlani like any other good Arnie fan would ask the typical question, “I would ask him how I can get a great body like him.” However, there are many others who would be just too happy to meet him. Gaurav Khanna, who has seen many of his movies says, “Though he has one of the greatest bodies in the world, I would be just too happy to meet him.”

    Himansh Kohli, who plays Raghav in Channel V’s Humse Hai Life, would want to know more about the famous body of this bodybuilder: “There were a lot of rumors about they way Arnold built his body, as he had a lean body naturally. Some said he worked it out while many others were adamant that he resorted to steroids. So I would love to know the truth from him.”

    Aditya Redij aka Rajbeer in Imagine’s Preeto is a fitness freak and has a question in his mind. But he wouldn’t ask the star about his fitness routine. “Every body reacts differently to each diet and exercise regime, so I think I’d rather not ask him that. Maybe I would ask him something about his personal life,” winks Aditya. That’s a good idea!!!

    Karan Wahi however, has an innovative question to ask, “If Sylvester Stallone can look so good at this age why he can’t?”
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