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    Default TOP 10 Foreign TV shows coming to India

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    Zor ka Jhatka

    Here's taking a look at some of the unexplored international formats on television which can do wonders in the subcontinent...Shah Rukh Khan's 'Zor Ka Jhatka' is bringing the spiced up Indian version of 'Wipe Out' to our TV screens.

    The Mole
    The show became an instant hit with the audience during its first run in Belgium. Players in the reality show must work together to solve mental and physical challenges that increase a cash prize. One of the players (a mole) is secretly working against the team and sabotages their efforts.

    The Real Housewives of series
    Based on the popular concept of 'Desperate Housewives', the show follows the lives of upper class housewives and professional women in the suburban or urban areas of several American cities. If we Indianise it as it should be, the backstabbing divas to the bossy prima donnas hiding in the metros of India will be out in the open space, all to make way for our primetime entertainment.

    Jersey Shore
    Indian audience is already attuned to the genre of installing a group of unpredictable, egocentric people in a shared house and filming the experiment, thanks to 'Bigg Boss' or 'Splitsvilla'. One of MTV's most viewed series telecast ever, 'Jersey Shore' places eight hormone-rich twenty-somethings in a beach house with plenty of liquor and relatively skimpy clothing. Since the success of a reality show depends a lot on the outrage it creates nowadays, it has the potential to do a good job.

    The Apprentice
    One of the highest rated series in the US, the original has 16 candidates selected from innumerable applicants and divided into a team of men and women, and given several business tasks. The candidates also has to face a gruelling interview with Donald Trump, American business tycoon, for an opportunity to work for him. The ultimate job interview and a great concept for a reality viewing; it's time Tatas and Ambanis make their appearances on the small screen.

    For those who have no idea about the reality show, MythBusters scrutinises common legends, myths, adages, Internet videos and news stories or film stunts, and then it rigs up some actual experiments to see if they are really true or if they are 'plausible' in the show's manner of speaking.

    The Osbournes
    It's one show which showed the domestic life of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family. In a way, it was like glimpses in his private life, pure and unadulterated. One of the most-viewed series ever on MTV, it's a great chance for the channel's Indian version to pep up the content which had music in its core a few years back but now lost in the oblivion of reality shows.

    Queer Eye
    One of the most talked about shows in the history of reality TV, each episode has a team of five gay men known collectively as the 'Fab Five' performs a makeover on a person, usually a straight man. It has been a surprise hit all over.Unlike other makeover shows, you can enjoy this one for the humour alone.

    Project Greenlight
    We are a country known to be obsessed with films, so why not have a show that will bring us more films; probably of better quality and fresh ideas. 'Project Greenlight' is a contest to pick a script and a director from thousands of independent submissions and then give them money to make their movie. For the audience, it will be a great chance to dissect the process of filmmaking.
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