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    Default Tina threatens to quit Uttaran

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    At the time when it is losing numbers to the rival shows, a rebellion of your lead actor is the last thing that ‘Uttaran’ would have wanted. Just few days back we’d reported that Tina Dutta (a.k.a Ichcha) threw a fist on the sets. Apparently, now we know why the poor girl is unhappy. Dutta’s contract has come up for renewal and she’s demanding a hike in salary. If her demands aren’t met, the girl has threatened to quit the show, so says a tabloid report.

    Tina Dutta remained unavailable for comment. A source close to the actress informs, “Contrary to what has been reported, Tina hasn’t demanded a 100 % hike in salary. Nor has she threatened to quit the show. Her contract is up for renewal and it’s only fair that upon completion of a year, every actor would like to have an increment. The matter should be solved soon”.

    When asked about the alleged tantrums, especially Tina’s misplacing her wig and blaming the hairdresser, the source said, “This issue has been blown out of proportions. It’s not the first time that her wig has been lost. Besides, petty thefts are a reality today. Actors tend to lose their mobile, wallet, and other valuables”.

    Producer Pintoo Guha rubbished such reports saying, “These are all false news. All my contracts have been done. Someone is really after ‘Uttaran’ and publishing false news”. A source closely associated with the show informs, “Every production house faces these issues when the show becomes a hit. Actors tend to become pricey and behave arrogantly. The problem is if you oblige to one’s demands, then other actors too expect the same. You will always face such problem when you have multiple leads in the show”.

    Are others acting pricey too? And, if that’s the case then isn’t Tina being singled out? “May be Tina has crossed the limit (tantrums). However, she’s not the first person to have done so. Besides, she hasn’t threatened to quit. This is a routine matter for any producer or channel. Hopefully, it should be sorted out soon”, the source concluded.



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