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    Default Teja won't make films with Tollywood Star Heroes

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    Director Teja is a maverick director. He made a big impact with his first few films but after that he has seen one flop after another. Teja is a director who is not afraid to speak his mind. The maverick director is known for his straightforward nature and hot temper. In a recent interview tough task maker Teja clarified that he doesn't want to make films with Tollywood star heroes who locked themselves in a 'image' cage.

    When asked about why he is not making films with Stars, despite having a lot of potential, Teja replied,"I can't make films with stars. In fact, I don't want to do with them, because we can't make good films with them. 6 songs, 6 fights, interval bang, big climax fight and in the remaining time slot we should tell the entire story. The same stories were recycled for every big budgeted film. We can't make something new. In the last 10 years, 'Ghajini' is the only different film done with a star hero in the lead role. Here, hero has an image. We can't make films coming out of that image. So, working with stars will be like working in jail."

    Teja's take on Records - "In my opinion, records are waste. Every Friday new records will be created and existing ones will be shattered. Even my films broke some records in the past. But, we shouldn't estimate a film's potential comparing with records. What matters is the content, reach and the repeat value. records is not my game."



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