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    Default Surprises await Krishnaben!

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    Krishnaben had gone to offer her gratitude and prayers to Dwarika and is on her way back home in Krishnaben Khakhrawala.

    A source says, “Krishnaben’s journey to Dwarika with her Nav-Durgas and father-in-law has gone well and she is now heading back home. She will also be getting Bansuri back home. Bansuri who met Krishna in Dwarika as a guide turned out to be her father-in-law’s childhood friend’s grand-daughter. Krishnaben quite likes Bansuri and wants her son Ilesh to marry her and though the girl is coming to Mumbai just for a visit, Krishaben has other plans for her. Ilesh is in love with Bhoomi but since Krishnaben does not know this she will want something to work between Bansuri and her son.

    “Once she gets back home she will see a lot of changes in her house. She was expecting her house to be in a mess as her children hardly do any work at home but she will be shocked to see her house spick and span. Her daughter will also surprise her by cooking for her.”
    Indira Krishnan (Krishnaben) says, “A lot of changes are waiting for me back home. Dipen and Divya will do a lot of things to make me happy.”
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