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    Default Supportive husbands on television

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    Whenever there is a problem in marital life wives support their husbands in times of need similarly in TV shows, there are many husbands who have stood by their wives during tough times. We take a look at some of them.

    Krishna of Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya on STAR Plus loves his wife very much and always supports her. Their ideologies and lifestyle don’t match but he is willing to compromise and adjust. He even went against his family to support her in the past and even now always stands up for her in front of his family who dislike Pratigya.

    Naitik of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on STAR Plus is the protective husband who knows that his wife is vulnerable. Recently he stood up for her rights when Baisa forced her to fast even though she was unwell. He cannot bear to see Akshara suffering or being ill treated.

    Manav from Pavitra Rishta on Zee Tv trusts his wife Archana and has always believed that she can never do anything wrong. He even went against his mother who is rude to Archana and always tries to find faults with her. Manav and Archana got married against the wishes of their family and now even though they are battling poverty he is doing everything possible to provide her with a comfortable lifestyle.

    Viren from Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein on STAR Plus comforted Nivedita when she was heartbroken and proposed marriage to her at that time. He stood by her when everyone was accusing her of being mad. He supported who tried to find out reason behind behavior. Viren is a caring and understanding husband.

    Ishaan from Sasural Genda Phool of STAR Plus loved Suhana even though she used to be childish and self centred. He put up with all her tantrums and made sacrifices because he truly loved her. Ishaan’s effort is now bearing fruit as Suhana has now realized that she too loves him.

    Shyam from Balika Vadhu fell in love when he saw widowed Sugna and desired to marry her. Eventually he married her after lot of opposition from the society and family. He also gave his name to child of Sugna and Pratap. This shows that his love was unconditional and pure. During Sugna’s tough times he was her only support.

    Shantanu of Rang Badalti Odhani supported his wife Khanak when his mother and sister-in-law used to ridicule her for being an uneducated villager. He stood up for her and objected to anyone harassing her. Shantanu is truly a caring and encouraging husband.
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