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    STAR Oneís prime time show Geet ĖHui Sabse Parayi is the heart touching story of Geet, who becomes the victim of a jilted marriage. The concept is new and unique, and has made the show wildly popular. So do you wonder who penned the story and the struggle of Geet?

    It is none other than Swati Pande, who penned shows like Pavitra Rishta, Bandini, Kahani Ghar Ghar ki, Kahe na Kahe and Kayamath and has also worked as an associate writer for Kasturi and Kavyanjali.

    We spoke to Swati Pande about her latest creation:

    What inspired you to write this script, was it a personal experience?
    The script is completely new and I donít have any such experiences of jilted marriages but I remember my friend who was engaged to a businessman and later she got to know he was having an affair abroad. But it was before marriage, and there is no similarity but still Geetís heart and my friendís heart were both broken.

    How different is this story from the saas-bahu stories?
    Itís totally different because over here the heroine is not weeping but she stands for her rights. There is no kitchen politics but a single woman, who is fighting against her family to protect her self-respect.

    How difficult is it to pen such trauma?
    Well, it was not that difficult because writing is our job. Personally, I feel very sorry for Geet but at the same time it was difficult for me to pen grey characters like Nayantara, Dev, the family of Geet-Daarji and Brij, and also the sequence in which Geet is left behind at the airport.

    How did you pen the character of Nayantara? She allows her husband to marry again for money?
    Yes, that makes her character very interesting because in our shows wives donít tolerate the second wife but here she herself plans to re-marry her husband so her character is a black character which would remain the same in the whole series. She might turn very possessive towards Dev when she comes to know about Geetís pregnancy.

    Who is your favourite character in Geet? Why?
    For me it has to be Maan Singh Khurana, who is an intense man who conveys his actions through his facial expressions. His actions are unpredictable but at the same time he has respect for women.

    Now that Maanís grandmother has entered the show, what interesting twist will audiences get to see?
    Now slowly audiences will come to know Maanís closeness with Dadimaa. She will support the truth but at same time she will grow fond of Geet.

    What aspects of Geet and Devís character would be highlighted?
    Now Geet is trying to be independent by working as a secretary at Maanís office but at the same time she wonít develop any liking for Maan as she knows that she is married and is pregnant. While for Dev, no major twist has being sketched, so now Dev is a bad character for the audiences.

    Now that people know that Dev and Maan are brothers, it's interesting to watch Dev come to Maan's office where Geet is also working. As per the track, Naintara visits Maan's grandmother (also Dev's grandmother). Naintara feels hesitant to stay with Dadimaa until Maan forgives Dev. Dadimaa decides to clear the misunderstandings between the two brothers Maan and Dev. Geet stays in the office till 10 PM because of Maan and when she leaves the office late, she is chased by some goons. She is relieved on seeing Maan arrive at the same place.
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