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    Sneha Ullal's 'Love Lock Down' teaser goes viral
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    Default Sneha Ullal's 'Love Lock Down' teaser goes viral

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    It looks like Sneha Ullal has found out how to impress her fans. After the super hit ‘Lick’, Sneha Ullal is ready with her second hot video ‘Love Lock Down’. It has the 26-year-old girl giving lovelorn expressions, behind the windy curtains and even inside the water. In one shot she is even seen crying.

    After post the video, the actress wrote that many fans liked her water shot. “Hey everyone..thanks for liking the water was real difficult but i had to do it..looks nice na?imagine that on the big screen?” Sneha Ullal wrote on her twitter page.

    This Love Lock Down is reportedly being shot in Vizag, Hyderabad & Mumbai. Sharat Shetty handles the camera.

    Few weeks ago, she had posted a video named Lick which was a huge hit and she got plenty of media coverage for the video. Less than two days after she posted the teaser of the video, it has got more than 60,000 views and the number is increasing every minute. The actress is on cloud nine, thanks to the hype her videos have been generating. She’ll soon be seen in Anil Sunkara’s upcoming 3D film Action.



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