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    Default Sneha Ullals erotic 'Lick 2' on its way

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    Sneha Ullal, who is better known for her act in films like Simha, Ullasanga Utsahanga made her acting debut a few years back, took the country by storm with her striking resemblance to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Recently an erotic video of Sneha Ullal has been making waves on the world wide web, after it was posted on a video sharing site. Titled 'Lick', the video presented by Mental FK Films has cinematography, editing and DI by Sarath Shetty.

    Shocking her fans and surprising the industry, the actress has come out with flying colours with her sexy clipping, which has changed the perception of the people, who believed till now that she is ‘cute’ and not ‘hot’.

    After shocking the industry and winning praises with her sensual video ‘Lick’, Sneha Ullal is gearing up to deliver similar kind of videos. Well, the actress is all set to start the second instalment soon.

    The 26-year-old has said that she received a good feedback for her first video, which has made her to do more footages on the same lines. Sneha Ullal is currently busy filming her forthcoming movie in Vizag. Soon after the completion of the schedule of the shooting, she is expected to start the second instalment.

    Sneha Ullal’s first clipping, where she was seen in revealing outfits, attracted youths. Without showing skin, the actress made an attempt to shed her girl-next-door image, thereby projecting herself as a ‘sexy’ material.



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