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    Default Sky reveals about Mahek’s facial surgery on Bigg Boss 5!

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    In the last episode of Bigg Boss 5, an ugly fight erupted between Mahek Chahal and Sky yet again leaving Mahek in tears.

    In the Thursday night’s episode of Bigg Boss 5, during a fight between Mahek and Sky, it is revealed that Mahek had a plastic surgery on her face. Sky is seen telling Mahek,“tujhe kuch karvana hai, main paise doonga” by pointing at her face. Though it was not clear at that time what Sky meant to say, Mahek later on accused Sky of being insensitive by revealing the plastic surgery incident.

    Mahek revealed that she had an accident two years back after which she couldn’t move her face muscles. Though Sky denied saying anything to Mahek about the plastic surgery, Siddharth, Juhi, and Amarr were seen taking Mahek’s side.

    Well after this incident and the Mahek – Balbir – Goa episode, we assume that Sky knows a lot about Mahek. But the question is if it was ethical of Sky to reveal personal life of Mahek on national television?

    Mahek however has now emerged as the most interesting housemate in the Bigg Boss 5. Even Sunny Leone is a damp squib in front of Mahek if you take out her hyped sex appeal.



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