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    Default Will Sia be the 'mukhiya'?

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    The Veerpur elections are in full swing in Naa Aana Iss Des Laado as Sia and Ammaji go all out to become the next ‘mukhiya’. While Ammaji’s symbol is her ‘laathi’, Sia is a ‘half veiled woman’. While Ammaji had secured her role as the ‘mukhiya’ since none of the men had the courage to go against her but now her own bahu, Sia will be seen fighting against her!

    “Ammaji has always shown her superiority over the villagers and they idolize her. She will try her best to retain her role and see to it that her bahu loses this fight,” says Meghna Malik who plays Ammaji. Natasha Sharma as Sia says, “Sia has always been a rebel and now she cannot take Ammaji’s manmaani any more. She wants justice for the villagers too. Though she might have minimal support since the villagers will support Ammaji for her superiority and more so out of fear but Sia will definitely not back out!”

    Well, here’s hoping this reel elections go off smoothly than some of our real life ones!

    ...being a human...



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