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    Default 'It's best to set your own trends' says Anupriya Kapoor

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    Anupriya Kapoor asserts some and thoughtful replies to fashion queries…

    What does fashion mean to you?
    Fashion for me is not just to flow with the ongoing trend but something that makes the person feel comfortable. To be precise I would say it's the best to set your own trends.

    Which one kind of attire can never go out of fashion?
    Hmm..I think Blue denims and a white T-shirt they are totally in always.

    Your favorite designer
    When it comes to Indian wear I thing Neeta Dogra is the best and have to mention someone higher on the hierarchy then it would obviously be Manish Malhotra. Except for that I also like the clothing and fabrication of the brand Biba.

    Your favorite line of perfume would be?
    I'm always hands down on 'Cool Waters' though I'm not a perfume fanatic but I do like to try different fragrances.

    Your favorite line of Bags and Shoes is?
    I'm not very fond of bags and shoes but I have my own collection of GUCCI bags and apart from that I also prefer looking out for bags of Charles & Keins as they fall in the mediocre range with good range in variety.

    Do you prefer applying make-up or being without it?
    Undoubtedly without it because in our profession it is a must so whenever I'm not out for some professional work I prefer not looking at my beauty products.

    Favorite fashion destination for you is?
    Though I have not witnessed it personally but on the basis of socializing and certain photographic glimpses I feel Paris is a trend setter but also I sense Mumbai and Delhi are also equally fashionable in their own way.

    Designer label or platform ka maal
    It actually depends on my mood and I'm not that brand conscious too. Instead I have an equal collection of both
    designer labels and platform ka maal.

    Accessories that you usually prefer wearing are…
    Watch and bags. I have an amazing collection of GUCCI formal and informal watches I find them very classy.

    Who do you think is the most influential trend setter at present?
    Bipasha Basu because of her dedication towards fitness and workout though I don't workout much but I'm a fitness freak. Also Salman Khan because he has a certain charm of himself whatever he wears involuntarily becomes a style statement.

    Who's your style icon?
    No style icon as such but I have certain personal favorites like Hrithik Roshan because he is always well dressed and obviously Amitabh Bachchan.
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