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    Default Sayali Bhagat injured in freak accident

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    Actress Shayali Bhagat who is better known for her act in movies like "Blade Babji" and "Inkosaari" sustained fracture when she was at the AMR Great Adventure Mall in Greater Noida. The actress was there for the inaugural ceremony when the accident occurred.

    As per the sources, Sayali went to grace the inaugural ceremony of a new mall at greater Noida where she had to perform some adventure sports for The Great Adventure Carnival. The mishap took place when the actress riding an All Terrain Vehicle was overturned, consequently; she suffered a fracture in her hand. She was rushed to the private hospital immediately for treatment.

    During the same function, mountaineer Shailendra Singh succumbed to injuries when he was trying to perform a stunt. What was planned as a grand opening ceremony turned out to be gloomy affair. Police investigating the matter said that proper safety arrangements have not been made which is the major reason for the accidents.

    These heart shaking incidents raised a question mark on the basic security provisions of the mall and the police found in its investigation that the mall didnít support any security provision for these adventure stunts. Letís see if the mall will be able to lift its head high!

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