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    Default Satyameva Jayate changes a bit for audience

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    After the two tear-jerking episodes on evils like ‘Female Foeticide’ and ‘Child Abuse’; Aamir Khan brings forth yet another sensitive issue of ‘Dowry’ on his TV show Satyamev Jayate. But, this time around, he marks a difference with the portrayal. Only a perfectionist like Aamir Khan can manage to do something like this. He is someone who completely knows the pulse of Indian audience and who likes old favorites served in a new style.

    This time around he begins on a lighter note with the concept of ‘big fat Indian wedding’ and as the show unfolds itself, he very diligently switches to the plight of various victims of ‘dowry’. The genuineness in his approach to tackle the issue and that too with less of tear-shedding makes this episode quite reasonable. Aamir too for a change has managed to control his emotions.

    The transition from timid to daring cases gives a new high to episode. Such cases with the solutions come as an eye opener for majority of Indian families who succumb to such cruel situations especially, the seizing of passports. But, the real charm comes with the way Aamir renders these vulnerable stories with a good amount of lively moments.

    Witty conversations between Aamir and victims are a path-breaking step as it may have otherwise fallen flat considering the theme of the show. In fact, third break onwards, SJ becomes a delightful watch with the survey conducted across India. Experts presenting figures as how in name of modernization where groom wants a lavish lifestyle, the majority of women become prey of greediness is shocking.
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