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    Default Satyamev Jayate Review: Love marriage is not a crime

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    A Muslim girl and a Hindu boy fall in love very much against their families’ acceptance. The two, in order to make their love win, run away from the forced societal pressure but in the end succumb to the wrath of their shrewd parents. Well, the story may sound like some Bollywood drama unfolding on the silver screen. But, alas it is no fiction but the brutal reality. And, this time around Aamir Khan decided to unfold the subject of ‘honour killings’ on his show ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

    And, what makes this episode different is the way Aamir deals with the subject. A certain sense of realism could be felt as the victims or their families narrate their plight which was sort of missing in the previous episodes.

    Films like 'Khap' and 'Aakrosh' although failed to create a stir at the box-office due to loose script but shows like Crime Patrol on small screen had an impact with marvelous scripting. So, how different is the subject dealt in Satyameva Jayate!

    Aamir emerges winner as he brings forth every aspect with detailed study. It’s a treat to watch how diligently he tackles with rigid ‘khaps’. The most striking part is the fact that the actor leaves an impact on the audience without being preachy.

    In fact, Aamir puts the ball in the court of concerned person who very beautifully counter attack in the debate. Again, Aamir does make you think a lot about the issue even minutes after the show ends.

    Sona Mahapatra ends the show on a beautiful note with song written by Ram Sampath. She croons the lyrics which beautifully strike a chord.
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