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    Default It's the end: Saakshi kills Sheel in Mata ki Chowki

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    For those following the show ‘Mata Ki Chowki’ on Sahara One must be aware of all the troubles Vaishnavi is facing right now. The evil Sheel Kumar has left no stone unturned to trouble poor Vaishnavi and her family. The battle between the good v/s the evil will reach its peak on a special episode on sixth of July where Saakshi finally manages to kill the devil Sheel Kumar with the help of her Mata. The story that had began with Vaishnavi. Saakshi’s mother, who is killed by the evil Sheel Kumar, her father-in-law. Saakshi vows revenge and ends the long saga by putting an end to Sheel Kumar’s life.

    Says Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Creative Director, Swastik Pictures, “The Hindu shastras call this the age of Kalyug; an era where evil prevails over good and humanity seems to have lost all moral values and spirituality. Saakshi takes the battle to her own grandfather, who is synonymous with evil. The devil in him torments the good people and it’s time for a ‘Devi’ to come to earth to kill the Devil (Asura).”

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