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    Default RGV praises 'EE Rojullo' Maruthi to heavens

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    "Ee Rojullo" which released yesterday on the eve of Ugadi alongwith Rana-Genelia's "Naa Ishtam" has already drawn the attention of all biggies of the industry. The director has received a lot of appreciation for his sharp focus in this movie.

    The director Maruthi has specially been appreciated by Ram Gopal Varma who praised him saying that Maruthi has proved his caliber as a good director.

    RGV tweeted like this "Nenu 5D tho Dongalamutha peddha stars tho theesi saadhinchaleni success Ee rojullo unit adhaey 5 D tho kottha vallatho theesi saadhinchindi. Dongalamutha flop tho tera marugaina technology ni ee rojullo tho nirupinchina Maruti is real trend setter.Hey Maruti congrats once again!"

    Apparently RGV had also used the same technique in this film but failed to make a mark despite having big names in the movie.

    On the other hand with the right use of 5D and fresh faces the director of EE Rojullo Maruthi gave a clean story to the audience. He also proved that it is not necessary to rope in big names for a movie to succeed.

    Looks the industry has just a new entry in the list of good directors.



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