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    Ravi Teja ready to lock horns with Jr NTR
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    Default Ravi Teja ready to lock horns with Jr NTR

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    Mass Maharaja who is not having good time at the box office in the recent past face three flops in a row with films like Dongalamuta, Veera, Nippu. He tasted a disastrous flop streak after Mirapakaya. Raviteja wanted to get back into hit streak with his forthcoming socio-fantasy film Daruvu.

    Few days ago there was talk that Raviteja's Daruvu movie release has been postponed indefinitely due to heavy competition. But the makers of Daruvu released a press statement that their film is going to release on time without fail. As per the producer Daruvu will be released on May 4th. That means it will be released exactly a week after NTR's Dammu is released.

    Dammu is going for an all out release with more than thousand theaters on its first day. Although it is releasing so big, it is impossible to collect all its costs in one week. So Dammu will need another week without much competition to enter the safe zone. But Raviteja is not going to take the back step as of now.

    With so many biggies lined up for release in May and June, Daruvu makers feel that May 4th is the ideal date to release their film. This clash can affect Dammu as well as Daruvu. Let's see if D and D come to an agreement and maintain good gap to the benefit of each other.



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