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    Default Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta Ė Made for each other...

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    Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta, the elegant looking couple hit the right chords on the sets of Zee TVís 12/24 Karol Bagh and soon proclaimed that they are in love. got in touch with this amazing duo who all through the interview complimented each other very well. Read on:

    Was it love at first sight?

    Ravi: No, we fell in love sometime after the show went off-air.

    Sargun: No, we started to like each other first and then came friendship which eventually turned to love.

    Where did you first see each other?

    Ravi: On the sets of Karol Bagh.

    Sargun: On the sets of Karol Bagh where we were shooting for the marriage promo.

    What attracted you about him/her (physical attribute)?

    Ravi: Sargun is extremely beautiful, but more than that she is a great human being, very caring and a fantastic soul to be with.

    Sargun: He is an excellent human being. I like him the way he is.

    What quality of his/her you hate the most?

    Ravi: She feeds people a lot and one canít diet in her presence.

    Sargun: He is a complete phone addict, goes on talking on the phone.

    What is the one thing that you would want to change about him/her?

    Ravi: Nothing, she is perfect.

    Sargun: As I said, I would want to do away with his phone

    His/her first gift to you?

    Ravi: She gifted me an Apple IPhone.

    Sargun: Blackberry phone.

    Anything special that you have done for him/her?

    Ravi: Though I am not that romantic, I had planned a
    surprise for her once.

    Sargun: I had hosted his birthday party once and you should be asking him whether that was special for him (smiles).

    A surprise you gave him/her?

    Ravi: Yes, on the Valentineís Day.

    Sargun: Yes, the birthday I planned for him.

    What angers him/her the most?

    Ravi: I am at times very impulsive.

    Sargun: I talk without getting to know the facts.

    Your idea of marriage?

    Ravi: Marriage comes into the picture when the couple is
    head over heels in love. Trust and understanding makes the bond stronger.

    Sargun: Marriage is a social bond and it depends on how well
    you understand each other.

    What will you do to keep your marriage alive?

    Ravi: Everything that I do now. We arenít married now and
    marriage is a social medium and official stamp.

    Sargun: Anything and everything.

    Are you jealous of male/female attention?

    Ravi: No.

    Sargun: No, I in fact love the female attention that he gets. And I love the fact that he is mine.

    Does he/she like your buddies?

    Ravi: Yes we have common friends.

    Sargun: Yes his buddies are my buddies and vice versa.
    Idea of a dream holiday together?

    Ravi: I am too lazy to do anything on a holiday. Watching movies at home and relaxing is my idea of holiday.

    Sargun: Europe would be an ideal holiday destination.

    Finally, year 2042, where and how do you see yourselves?

    Ravi: We will be together.

    Sargun: I will buy a house next to Shah Rukh Khanís residence Mannat, and there will be a common wall from where we can get to
    see and pass by whenever we want.
    ...being a human...



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