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    Default Rashmi Desai: Pregnancy Concerns

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    The buzz around the town is that Rashmi Desai aka Tapasya of Colors TV's Uttaran who recently got married to Nandish Sandhu is indeed pregnant in her real life.

    Gossip mongers in the industry have this news that, "Rashmi who essays the role of Tapasya in the show is shown to be pregnant on screen. But not many know that the girl is in fact in the family way in real life too.. However, Nandish and Rashmi have apparently decided to abort the baby as they still continue to live separately. The couple desires to go thro' the entire ritual of marriage first before settling into family life. Also they have opted to work on their careers now before taking up the big responsibility of becoming parents".

    We wanted to know the views of Rashmi Desai on her being pregnant and we did call her. The girl however, rubbished the news saying, "I really do not know from where this news is building up. Media is already talking about my pregnancy, and I want to tell all that this is just a mere foolish rumour. You won't believe it, few of my relatives who heard this news called me to ask why they were not informed of this good news. I agree that I am married, but we still stay away from each other; so there is no question to be pregnant (laughs)".

    On a serious note Rashmi says, "It is true that we have gone thro' a registered marriage. Having said this, we intend to get married in a traditional way in the near future; this is the reason why I continue to stay with my parents even today. Till we get married, there is really no plan to get pregnant, and above all I have to concentrate on my career".

    Remind Rashmi about the sudden plump look that she has attained, and she is quick to say, "I have put on quite a lot of weight to make Tapasya look really pregnant. I did this in order to give an authentic look to my character. It has nothing to do with my real life".

    Well Rashmi, we would not mind for sure, if this rumour turns out to be the truth...



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