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    Default Prerna Wanvari on her thoughts about men

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    Prerna Wanvari, unlike many women, has very positive notions about the male sex. For her, the existence of Men on Planet Earth is the best thing to have happened.

    Elaborating on this view of hers, Prerna states, “Men are adorable, and if you are nice to them and see their positive side, they are wonderful to you too. They are very clear about what they want, and only a girl who is a fool will allow men to take advantage of her. In other words, a smart girl will know where to limit a man. Having said this, even women take advantage of men.”

    Ask Prerna about her best friend when it comes to men, and she is quick to take the name of co-actor Deepak Sandhu. “Deepak is a great guy; we have been acting together for three years now. While he played a negative role in Bandini, he plays my husband in Parichay. The best thing between us is that we give each other the needed space when we are shooting any tough scene.”

    Ask her if there is a chance of love blossoming between her and Deepak, and Prerna says, “He is a friend (smiles). It can never happen from my side, I don’t know about him.”

    So what’s her concept of an ideal man? “A guy who is smart and charming, who knows what he wants from life and of course, he should be good looking.”

    On her favorite actors, Prerna avers, “Ram (Kapoor) is really cute. On the big screen, it will have to be Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor.”
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