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    Default Pawan Kalyan fans very angry with Chiru, Ram Charan

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    The audio release function of ‘Racha’ may have happened grandly but this has also widened the dissent among the fans of Pawan Kalyan. The thousands of fans who attended the audio release function of Racha were disappointed that Pawan was not seen on the stage. What was least expected was that they would turn restive and throw water packets as if they were political agitators.

    Apparently, the power star was not present during the function and though Chiranjeevi mentioned that he was in the US, that was not bought by Pawan fans.

    As a result, it is heard that Pawan fans had planned a major coup. Well, inside sources reveal they wanted to throw eggs on Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan during the audio release event and create some disturbance. And it is heard that they were planning to do this during the closing hours ie around 11.30 pm.

    However, much to their surprise the function got wrapped up at 9.30 pm due to reasons unknown. This caused some frustration in them and they ended up throwing mineral water bottles on the stage when Chiru and Charan arrived. However, they were curtailed quietly by the security people, as per sources.

    Meanwhile, Pawan's absence added fuel to the speculation that has been rife since Panjaa's audio release, that there is a rift between Chiru and Pawan. None had made it to the audio release function of Panjaa, except his son! Charan's statement that Pawan would have been present had the function been held on March 4, did not cut much ice with the public.



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