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    Default 'Nippu' debacle puts YVS 'Rey' in trouble

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    Chiranjeevi’s nephew Sai Dharam Tej is making his Telugu movie debut ‘Rey’, directed and produced by YVS Chowdary under Bommarillu banner. Rey comes with a tagline ‘Shout for success’. Shubra Aiyappa and Amruta Patki are also making their Telugu movie debut.

    Now the latest buzz is that after being badly beaten by Nippu YVS Chowdary is no longer in a position to do single day shooting but still the director has somehow managed to get his forthcoming movie ‘Rey ‘ back on track and the reason lies mostly due to Chiru.

    Everyone seems to be angry from the Mega clan with YVS Chowdary for being foolish enough to produce movie like ‘Nippu’ keeping Rey aside. YVS thought to continue shooting for Rey depending on the success of Nippu which turned out to be a flop.

    Now, YVS is silently bearing all the problems as an after effect of producing a movie like NIppu and that is when there seems to be some help from Chiru’s gang. If the rumors are to be believed a prominent PRP (now part of Congress) MLA has decided to provide funds to finish off the movie and also took up the duty or distributing it across the nation.

    After the disaster created by Nippu there is no distributor or producer who is willing to offer support to YVS or any of his projects at any cost. The decision to fund Rey was only taken since this incomplete project would be a great insult to Chiru and his gang, now seems to be the right time for YVS to put in some effort and work hard to gain a hit!



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